Your Journey Back from Trichotillomania: It’s Not About Perfection

Too many people expect far too much of themselves in life, and this can create a tremendous amount of stress and pressure.

When it comes to your efforts to beat trichotillomania, this can be especially true.  Sure, it’s possible to stop pulling once and for all, and for those who can do that, it’s great.

But if you’re one of those for whom it’s not been a straight path – if find yourself moving “two steps forward and one step back”, that can be OK as well.

It’s like life itself; it’s not about what happens on a day-to-day basis.  If instead you’re willing to back up far enough to see the big picture, you’ll gain valuable perspective about how you’re really growing as a person.  That’s the best way to notice the upward momentum that undoubtedly characterizes your life.

It’s not about “perfection”, it’s about reaching your goal, however you do that…   And at whatever pace is “perfect” for you.

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