Trichotillomania & You: The Past Does Not Equal The Future

Why does the sun rise again and again with each new day? Why, to signal a fresh start, of course. It’s notable to point out that this happens each and every morning, no matter what happened the day before. This being the case, consider how the start of a brand new year has the potential to mean something even more powerful for you.

What's 2014 Going to Be Like For you?  The Power Is in Your Hands.

What’s 2014 Going to Be Like For you? The Power Is in Your Hands.

For most of us, it’s far too easy to assume that just because things have been the way they been for so much of the past, that means the future has no choice but to be equally painful or difficult. This is just another way of saying one has no choice but to remain a victim of their past.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked to prospective trichotillomania clients who have been disappointed time and time again in their attempts to find a “cure” for their trichotillomania; and because of this, they are, perhaps understandably, reticent to take chances on ANYTHING new anymore—especially if it involves any risk at all, like hopes dashed or money wasted.

But even if this reticence is understandable, what’s the COST of listening to the skeptic that’s grown to be so influential inside you?

I can think of one thing: Once we decide “there’s no hope”, then there really is no hope, since that probably means we’ll stop even trying to seek a solution to our problem. That means we really are TRULY stuck with our problem—whatever that might be—very possibly for the rest of our lives.

But a decision that “just because nothing’s worked in the past, that means nothing can work in the future” is just that – a DECISION. Not necessarily a truth. There’s a difference.

The difference is that a decision is something that happens inside of you by way of the choices you make about what truth is.

See, the “truth”—whatever that is—is something much bigger than you, or any decisions you make along the way. The truth is the truth, no matter who looks at it, or who voices an opinion about it.

Contrast this with a decision, which is something you create—and that you therefore have the power to change if it doesn’t serve you.

This all about perspective. It’s all about an overall world view that we as individuals have the power to choose.

Glei and I have chosen the following belief to guide our day to day experience, and it goes like this:

The past does not equal the future.

This may or may not always hold true, but it sure does seem to be a perspective or world view that holds at least the possibility—if not the promise—that things can improve tomorrow.

Glei and I believe God demonstrates this possibility with the renewal he brings each and every morning, with each and every change of season—and with the beginning of each new year. Surely these aren’t the only examples of nature’s built-in tendency toward renewal. Sometimes it’s helpful when we realize that, as God’s creations, we’re each a product of nature as well—and that renewal is therefore natural, and could even be effortless, for us.

How about you? What meaningful change could be possible for you in your life if you simply choose to change your beliefs about what could be possible for you? How could such a change in world view positively impact those you love or care deeply about?

Your comments are welcome.

Glei and I would like to wish each of you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. 🙂

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