Trichotillomania: 5 Ways to Turn Boredom into Brainpower

Perhaps to no one’s surprise, lots of our (particularly younger) clientele report boredom as one of the most troublesome states that can lead to trichotillomania related hair-pulling.

So what do you do about a situation like this?  What if you can’t just get up in the middle of a class at school and take a break?

The Truth about Trichotillomania And Boredom

If boredom is the state leading to the urge or desire to pull, it stands to reason that if you can find some way to reduce or altogether eliminate that feeling of boredom, things should get a lot easier, right?

The truth is, boredom is not an inherent quality of the situation itself, but rather the subjective frame we put around it.  It’s what the situation or context means to us that renders it important or interesting to us, or irrelevant and boring.

Either way, it turns out there are some things you can do to help alleviate boredom in situations where you may not necessarily have the freedom to get up and leave.  And many of these are things you can do even without anyone knowing you’re doing it!

Check out this week’s video to learn more.

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