Trichotillomania And The Secret of True Self-Confidence

You know, one of the most common questions Glei and I are asked by our clients here at the Trichotillomania Relief Specialists is how to create a sense of genuine, deep rooted self-confidence.

Confidence - Where to Find It?

Confidence – Where to Find It?

The Unseen Poison of Trichotillomania

One thing is for sure – If there’s anything that suffers tremendously as a result of an ongoing problem with trichotillomania, it’s our sense of SELF… our very sense of who we are and what we’re worth as human beings. Trichotillomania can be a very difficult problem, and part of the unseen poison of trichotillomania are the side affects to our mental state.

It would be perfectly reasonable to look at yourself in the mirror, and upon seeing the damage you’ve wreaked upon yourself to believe there’s something terribly wrong with you – there MUST be, right? Otherwise, why would you continue your hair-pulling behavior, even though you know you really don’t want to be doing that?

So you can understand how our self-concept – our very self-image – takes a tremendous beating, particularly the longer we suffer with trichotillomania, and the longer we go without finding anyone who can help us.

Not exactly good for this little thing we call confidence.

The Truth About Confidence

It turns out that confidence is not something someone can give you.

It can’t be taught.

You can’t go to a therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist and expect them to be able to magically adorn you with a sense of true confidence when on a basic level, it’s not really there.

Oh, sure, confidence can be faked at times, even effectively… for a while. That is, until something – or someone – throws you off kilter. That’s when your truest feelings about yourself will kick in, quite automatically. You can’t help it.

But what about genuine confidence?

The Source of True Confidence

The fact is, true and lasting confidence is something that can only be created by way of experience – in particular, experience being successful when taking on a challenge you weren’t at all confident you could conquer. In fact, the less certain you were to begin with, the more confidence is created when you find yourself victorious. Trichotillomania can effect your confidence in many ways.

But how about you? How does all this apply to sufferers of trichotillomania?

Well, an interesting phenomenon began to make itself apparent shortly after Glei and I began doing this work. And that is, we began to get reports from our clients saying, now that their trichotillomania issues were totally behind them, they were feeling far more confident and comfortable with themselves than ever before.

Yup. And I’m not talking about confidence in any one area, such as their looks – I’m talking across the board.

We began to realize that once clients discover they are able to assume total control over a behavior they used to think they were powerless to stop, their overall sense of personal empowerment grows quickly. And the change is unmistakably evident to everyone around them.

Clients now see themselves as far more “normal” – much more “like” everybody else; they now feel far more comfortable mingling with their peers, applying for work or attending classes. They now feel more worthy of being accepted by others because they can now accept themselves in way they may never have felt worthy of before.

Question: How has trichotillomania affected YOUR self-confidence? How has this impacted the rest of your life? Where in life does this problem limit you most? Feel free to post a comment below.

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