How To Cultivate An Attitude of Gratitude

Thanksgiving 2017 is right around the corner!

We all know we SHOULD be able to enjoy this coming holiday week.  We may even know we should be grateful for the good stuff in our lives.

In reality, however, far too many of us are far too consumed with the day-to-day challenges in our lives – like our struggles with trichotillomania related hair-pulling  – to give ourselves the space to be truly grateful for the blessings we do indeed enjoy.

In this video, Robert shares his reflections on the nature of life in modern day society, expresses appreciation for the challenges ALL of us endure in life – but then quickly pivots to the indisputable value of doing whatever it takes to identify and focus on our blessings – the good things in our lives that we could be truly grateful for if we just take the time to notice them.

We can’t think of a better time to do that than Thanksgiving, can you?

Enjoy and please leave a comment below.  🙂

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