Beyond Trichotillomania: You Never Know How Far A Change Can Go

When we get started working with a new trichotillomania client, it’s perfectly reasonable for them to expect we’ll be able to help them learn to stop pulling their hair.

But what they GET is often much, much more than that.

A Little Background

This video tells the story of 19-year-old Nadja. We just concluded her 90-Day Distance Personal Breakthrough Coaching Program™ last week.

This one could have been a challenge for us. You see, Nadja had started pulling her hair at the tender age of just 18 months! Of course, this would predate any kind of conscious awareness of how or why she started pulling, or what role it played in her life at that point. In fact, all these years later, chronic, out-of-control hair-pulling (what she called “pulling attacks”) was all she ever knew!

Before starting with us, we met with Nadja and her mom via Skype-based video-conferencing. We did this to see if we could help Nadja become comfortable with the idea of working with us. You see, Nadja had been through so many other kinds of therapy (etc.) to try to help her control her pulling, she had all but given up on the belief that anybody could possibly help her. There had been times she hadn’t felt “safe” with her therapists. So it was incredibly important we help her come to feel that way with us.

Fortunately, Glei and I were able to help Nadja create this comfort. That gave us a chance to help her.

Fast forward to last week – Nadja just completed her 90-Day Program with us! And not only has she stopped pulling, but – very importantly – she’s developed the all-important confidence that she can stay pull-free for the long-term.

But it gets even better than that.

Stopping Pulling Is Just The Start of Something Better

Again, most clients very reasonably expect that at the very least we’ll be able to help them stop pulling. But for someone who’s struggled with trichotillomania for a very long time, stopping pulling – and especially, feeling really, really confident that they can STAY that way – does a world of good for one’s self-confidence and self-esteem.

Upon starting with us, most clients typically can’t see far enough in front of them to be able to expect the wonderfully positive, processional effects they start to experience the longer they’ve been pull-free. But by the time a few weeks or a couple of months have passed by, we start to get the emails talking about all the wonderful things they are noticing about themselves now – and most importantly, how much better they feel about themselves than ever before.

These are incredibly uplifting journeys of self-discovery!  We thought Nadja’s story is a great example of this, so we wanted to share it with you here today.  Enjoy!

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