Trichotillomania And How to Put Your Failures Behind You

Happy New Year to our many readers!  What a timely topic we have for you this week.

New Year, New Hope…  Right?

For most, the new year brings with it a sense of hope and possibility.  For many who suffer with trichotillomania, however, there may be nothing particularly exciting about the new year.  That’s because for some, there’s no reason think this year can be any different than last year – or the year before that, or the year before that.

Instead, many fully expect to continue struggling with trichotillomania.  Many have simply given up.

After all, why should anything change?  They’ve “already tried everything”.

I know we’ve made reference to this in some of our earlier videos, but I’ll repeat again here:

When it comes to trichotillomania, giving up all hope is truly the kiss of death.

For Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot…

Well, you might want to forget about that…  Forget about all the failures in your past.

Why? Because if you let your past dictate your future, your future could not possibly be any different than your past.

To the extent you allow past disappointments to influence your choices about what to try next (if anything), you rob yourself of what might have been some outstanding opportunities to experience your world in a whole new way.

Well, that’s all well and good.

But how do you actually go about doing that?  How does one actually go about putting their past behind them?

Is it even possible?

The good news is, yes is it – it’s absolutely possible.

What You Say DOES Matter

Ever heard someone say something like, “I don’t know how she does it… She just seems to be able to put all that stuff behind her.”

What that speaker doesn’t know is that she just told you how she – not the person she’s talking about – totally unconsciously! – mentally processes information such that she is able to move on from life’s inevitable disappointments.  It’s the speaker’s unconscious “mental recipe” for personal resilience.

You may actually do this in exactly the same way!  After all, you don’t hang on to every single disappointment you’ve ever had, do you?  Of course not.

Out with The Old And In with The New

The bottom line is, the past does not equal the future.

Whatever you tried in the past that didn’t work has nothing at all to do with what COULD be different for you in 2017.

But first, you have to let go of all the disappointments in your past that have stopped you from trying again.

This week’s video shows you exactly how to do this.

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Have you allowed past disappointments in your efforts to conquer your trichotillomania to discourage you from even trying again?  How well did this exercise work to help you let go of those disappointments?

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