Why Trichotillomania Can’t – And Doesn’t – Define You

If you’re like us, you’ve done a lot of reading about trichotillomania, both online and off.

One of the most troublesome things we find ourselves running into far too often, particularly online, are expressions that sound a lot like a personal Declaration of Independence: “I’ve tried everything, and no matter how hard I try, I just can’t control this.  It’s time I just accepted this is who I am.”

Uh, oh.

Raising The White Flag

Of course, statements like this are totally understandable, are they not?  You tend to hear this from folks who’ve tried everything they know of to try to get a handle on their hair-pulling – sometimes for years – only to come up empty every time.  After awhile, that can really weigh on a person.  Sometimes it feels easier just to give up the fight and let nature take its course.

And you see, many of us think letting go of the struggle means finally permitting ourselves more allowance to just be “who we are” – as though who we are is a hair-puller.

Glei and I contend hair-pulling is something we DO – it’s not who we ARE.  There’s a huge difference.

In fact, after having been in this business for nigh on 20 years now, and having worked all this time with many hundreds of clients from around the world, we’ve come to believe that who we are as people is much, much more than ANYTHING we ever DO.

Keep in mind, we can change what we do – we can change our behaviors.  Changing who we are is not quite so easy.  And maybe there’s no need to do that anyway.

Curious to learn more about who you REALLY are as a person?…  Someone whose very being is SO much more than just a “hair-puller”?

Enjoy this week’s video.  🙂

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Have you found yourself the victim of this kind of thinking?  And what have you learned now that may help you see yourself as so much more than just a “hair-puller”?

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