Trichotillomania Help: What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

Here at the Trichotillomania Relief Specialists, we talk with a lot of people. And it turns out that a lot of folks we speak with don’t know – or are at least greatly misinformed about – some very important facets of their challenge with trichotillomania.

Beliefs – The Power to Shape Your Destiny

Most of us think we know what a “belief” is, but it’s probably safe to say few of us realize exactly how our beliefs work.

You see, beliefs act like mental rules, or mental “programs” that literally dictate how we think, feel and respond to our world every moment of every day. They affect every part of our lives.

Our beliefs are both created by and acted on at the subconscious level.  We often react to the events of our world without having any conscious idea what made us respond in that way.

For example, our beliefs about trichotillomania, about ourselves, and our relationship to trichotillomania has everything to do with the level of struggle we experience – or not – in our attempts to take control of it.

This week’s video highlights three of the most powerful truths we think you ought to know in your journey to freedom from trichotillomania.  Each has a lot to do with the level of power you do, in fact, have over both your pulling activity, and the urges that make you feel like you have no choice but to do that.

Retooling Your Beliefs

Ready to reenergize your mindset around trichotillomania and hair-pulling?  Ready to learn how to take control your hair-pulling without having to struggle (wouldn’t that be nice)?

Enjoy today’s video to learn more.  As always, feel free to leave a comment at our Facebook Community Page, our growing YouTube Channel, or even right below to let us know what you think, OK?

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