Have Trichotillomania? Here Are Three Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Having worked now with hundreds of clients from around the world, Glei and I have noticed three pervasive errors in thinking that are all too common to the average sufferer of trichotillomania.

If permitted to go unchecked, these terribly destructive beliefs can virtually doom the sufferer of trichotillomania to continue to live with their challenges, perhaps for years to come.  This would be a shame, because without them, freedom would be far more accessible, far more easily, to the vast majority of trichotillomania sufferers.

This video is going to describe three of the most common limiting assumptions and beliefs we hear when we talk to sufferers of trichotillomania.

The problem with these beliefs?  They’re all untrue.

And see, here’s the thing about beliefs.  Generally speaking, whatever we believe to be real and true usually shows up as real and true in our world.  If you believe you have little or no chance to break free from trichotillomania, you’re likely to prove yourself right.

But change how you think about what’s possible for yourself, and watch what used to feel like the impossible change into your reality, right in front of your eyes.

Not sure such a thing could be possible?  Watch today’s video and listen to as I read three notes written to us by three former trich sufferers, all of different ages, all of whom completed our revolutionary Distance Personal Breakthrough Coaching Program™, and all of whom remain pull-free to this day.

Enjoy today’s video, and leave a comment below to let us know what you think, OK?

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