How to Neutralize Even The Most Powerful Trichotillomania Urges in 60 Seconds Or Less

Over the years, Glei and I have worked with literally hundreds of trichotillomania clients from all over the world.  In doing so, we have come to understand the toughest challenges faced by those who suffer with trichotillomania.

Without a doubt, the biggest such challenge are the urges clients tell us spur them on to pull, even though they would give just about anything to never have to pull ever again.

The Hidden Message

It’s incredibly important for those who suffer with trichotillomania to understand that the urges they think they need to fight are not really the enemy.  Believe it or not, the urge to pull is your friend.

Why?  Because the urge to pull is not really an urge to pull.  Sure, you may have come to associate that feeling or that awareness with pulling.  But that’s not actually the message.  You’ve just been believing it is – and so pulling is the way you’ve been reacting to it.

Instead, like all feeling states – especially uncomfortable ones – what you’ve been experiencing is a call to action.  It’s a message from your caring, loving subconscious mind that you need a break.  You need to stop what you’re doing, and go do something else – anything else as long as it is physically and mentally as opposite as possible to what you were doing when you began to notice those urges in the first place.

So there’s a bigger picture to your urges to pull.  There are bigger issues to consider than just finding a way to make your urges go away as quickly as possible.  Indeed these are almost always lifestyle issues; invariably, those who regularly struggle with the urge to pull their hair are living lives that are out of balance.

But we’re not going to bite off a chunk quite that big in this particular video.

What To Do in A Pinch

Any lasting solution to your challenges with trichotillomania is certainly going to involve a careful examination of your lifestyle.  Once that’s been done, suggestions can be made with regard to changes that are likely to facilitate a reduction in your urges to pull.

Meantime, we also understand there are moments in time when the urge to pull becomes so great, so powerfully insistent that you find yourself feeling as though you have no choice but to give in.  Well, Glei and I don’t want you to ever have to feel that’s your only option.

Instead, the technique we’re going to teach you in this video, How to Neutralize Even The Most Powerful Trichotillomania Urges in 60 Seconds Or Less (Youtube: is going to help you eradicate any such urges quickly and easily.  It’s a trick you can pull out of your hat time and time again, and so for that reason, there’s great power in familiarizing yourself with this technique.

For more information about how we can assist you to eliminate trichotillomania as an issue in your life far more quickly and easily than you probably ever imagined possible, please visit our website and fill out a contact form.  You can also call our 24-hour toll-free voicemail messaging service at any time of day or night at (866) LIFE-NOW.  We’ll return your call at our very first opportunity.




How Simple, Straightforward Relief from Trichotillomania Can Be Possible For You: Our Secret Sauce Revealed

Over the past month, Glei and I have posted four new trichotillomania video blog posts, and today’s offering is the fifth.  Now that our blog posts are being offered up in video format, we’re finding that they are being seen by an ever-growing audience.

Reasonable Questions Indeed

It turns out that videos tend to crawl the search engines better than text.  And with that growing audience comes ever more questions.

Now, admittedly, in these videos we’ve done a lot of talking about trichotillomania.  Hopefully, there’s no surprise there.  But what has absolutely piqued the interest of our viewers have been the many references to our breakthrough coaching method and the results we claim – and have substantiated over and over again – that clients can achieve.

“The World Is Flat!!”

All this is information and a perspective that admittedly bumps hard into long-held beliefs about trichotillomania, and how difficult it has to be to achieve any kind of meaningful or lasting relief.  These terribly limiting beliefs, by the way, fall into the same category as those such as “If I’ve had my problem for 20 years, it has to take 20 years to cure (if ever).”

Sigmund Freud did a world of good for the mental health profession, but that kind of belief – an outgrowth of psychoanalytic theory and processes to be sure – hasn’t been particularly beneficial to anyone at all. If anything, it’s taught both patients and mental health professionals alike to expect a long, hard road ahead, especially if the client has had their problem for any significant length of time.

We accept all this.  We understand that the notion that a quantum leap in the evolution of trichotillomania relief technology may have already taken place is likely to be met with a healthy – maybe MORE than a healthy – dose of skepticism. For that reason, widespread acceptance of the evidence coming forth is likely to take time. So no time like the present to get started on that campaign.

What About That Question?

And is it not surprising then that the question most often asked in response to our videos has been How is it really possible to create true and lasting freedom from trichotillomania – especially (as you say) in virtually struggle-free fashion?  And even if that were possible, how is it possible for clients to make this change so quickly?”

Great question. Enjoy this week’s video to learn more.

Trichotillomania And The Secret to Beating Troublesome Urges

About a week and a half ago, Glei and I posted to our Facebook Community Page an excerpt from an email written to us by a very excited client here at the Trichotillomania Relief Specialists. You’ll see and hear the note itself when you watch the video, but suffice it to say, you’ll probably find it inspiring to say the least.

Questions? We have Answers.

In response to this client’s exuberant report, a visitor to our Facebook page named Brianne asked a very reasonable question we think a lot of readers would probably share. She asked, “How did you get over the urge?”

We wrote back to Brianne telling her we thought that was such a great question – and probably one that would benefit so many people to learn about – that we’d devote an entire video blog article to it the following Sunday.

Well, it turns out the following Sunday was Easter Sunday.  We didn’t publish the video then because we assumed a lot of people would be out or otherwise indisposed in celebration of the holiday.  Glei and I are so committed to having as many people as possible benefit from what we have to teach about how to beat trichotillomania, we decided to hold off on publishing the video until this past weekend.  And publish it we did!

The Message Within

Here’s the gist:  You see, urges of ANY kind – not just urges commonly associated with trichotillomania – are messages from our subconscious mind.  Think of urges – or for that matter, uncomfortable energetic states of any kind at all – as a “call to action”.  They are signals telling us something in our life is out of balance or out of order, and that something needs to change.

Think of all the times and places you’re most likely to experience trichotillomania-related urges.  Wouldn’t you agree it’s probably times when you’re experiencing high levels of stress or pressure – or alternatively, times when you’re bored, tired or bogged down in monotony or some kind of tedious activity?

There’s a reason why it’s those times in which you’re mostly to notice those urges, and for those urges to become almost overwhelming in their intensity.  Simply put, it’s because you need a break.  Zoning out for awhile during your pulling activity effectively serves that purpose, does it not?

None of this is intended to suggest you plan any of this consciously; to the contrary, far from it.  And this is exactly why your urges have felt so out of control in the past – you literally had no conscious control over either the creation or the objectification of those urges.  But that doesn’t change the fact that’s it’s a part of YOU that’s creating them.

Let Curiosity Get The Best of You

Curious to learn more?  Interested in knowing how so many of our clients are able to dispense with formerly troublesome urges almost overnight?  Watch the video, please remember to “Like” us at our Facebook page, and let us know what you think by leaving your comments, questions or suggestions below.

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