Trichotillomania And Your Relationships: How One Smart Move Can Change Everything

Do you feel supported in your struggle against trichotillomania by those closest to you? This video shares with you the importance of surrounding yourself with positive influences – and if the influences around you are less than positive, how to begin building a more supportive, more helpful, and more positive network of friends and associates.

Are You Soaring with The Eagles? Or…

In life, it’s important to realize that the people we surround ourselves with has everything to do with our levels of health, happiness and overall positive outlook. It’s no different when it comes to trichotillomania; your social environment has a powerful impact on just how hopeful and generally positive you are with regard to your hopes and dreams for an eventual cure.

If you haven’t been paying enough attention to this question, you’re not alone. Most of us could probably say that other things – things that seem more important in the moment – take priority during the course of day to day living.

But life can be about more than just surviving – merely getting from one day to the next. Like anything else, you can be intentional with just about everything in your life – including increasing and enhancing the relationships you believe would contribute to a greater sense of positive expectancy.

This week’s video discusses this idea in some detail, and sheds additional light on the value of being purposeful about the quality of relationships you allow to enter in your life.

As always, Glei and I would love to know what you think! Tell us – what have you noticed about the quality of your own relationships, and how they have influenced you one way or another in your thinking about what’s possible for you? Do you feel stronger and more positive because of the relationships in your life? Or do you believe they detract from the hope you hold out for an eventual cure? However it is for you, you can just about bet other readers will know exactly how you feel!

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A True And Lasting Solution for Trichotillomania: Stories of Hope And Inspiration

Here at the Trichotillomania Relief Specialists, we hear from people all the time – mostly prospective clients – about their dim hopes for a true and lasting solution for their battle with trichotillomania.  In virtually every case, this is only because of repeated earlier disappointments in their efforts to conquer the problem.

But Glei and I have reason for hope, and we want to share with you just why we can be so optimistic.   It’s far more than just pie-in-the-sky thinking.  We’re going to share with you real stories from real clients who are even now participating in our flagship Distance Personal Breakthrough Coaching Program for The Rapid Relief of Trichotillomania™.

While it’s true that clients invariably make remarkable progress remarkably quickly using our proprietary Accelerated Personal Breakthrough Technology™, Glei and I usually engage a coaching relationship with our clients lasting as long as 90 days.  That’s because we know how important it is to our clients for us to remain available to them for an extended period of time as a source of both strategic and emotional support.

And we’re happy to do it – nothing gives us greater pleasure than to watch our clients grow from having felt so limited, so controlled by a seemingly uncontrollable behavior, to now blossoming before our very eyes into the person they always had the potential to be.

Question: What kinds of experiences have you had in your search for answers to your struggle with trichotillomania?  Watch the video, and then feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you think.  You can also subscribe to our brand new YouTube channel.  That way you can be notified by email as soon as we have a new video for you.  Please be sure to visit our website and to like us on Facebook! 🙂

Trichotillomania: Why Does My Child Pull, Even Knowing The Damage It Causes?

Glei and I received a question at our trichotillomania Question And Answers webpage recently.  It’s a question we think many – particularly parents or other loved ones of trichotillomania sufferers – would share.

The question had to do with why this woman’s 14-year-old daughter would continue to pull her hair, even in spite of knowing full well the damage hair-pulling causes.  This is certainly a reasonable question, and this video examines this in a way we hope brings helpful insight to our visitors.

The Message Within

The gist of this video is that people always do what they do for a reason.  This includes what may even seem like totally dysfunctional behaviors, including hair-pulling.

We can take this a stop further by noting that not only is there a reason for everything anyone ever does – to get even more specific, there is always a positive purpose for the things people do.

Think of a behavior’s positive purpose as the positive benefit the person thinks they will get by doing the behavior – this, whether or not they have any conscious idea about it.  Interestingly, when it comes to symptomatic behaviors like hair-pulling, clients often have no idea why they keep doing it again and again – even though they know they hate what they’re doing.

Even so, this doesn’t change the fact that there IS a positive purpose for what the trich sufferer is doing.

So what is that positive purpose?

Most often, it’s to quell, find relief from, or to distract oneself from an uncomfortable state.

Think about it – when do most people do their rich-related hair pulling?  Usually when they’re feeling stressed, pressured or overwhelmed.  Or alternatively, when they’re struggling with boredom, tedium of monotony.

Why do people tend to pull most when they’re stressed or bored?  Quite simply, to find relief from those very uncomfortable states.  Would that not qualify as a positive purpose?  Seems to us it would.

There’s nothing wrong with seeking fulfillment of an important need like finding relief from discomfort.  We just don’t like how our loved ones are trying to seek that relief – relief that is never any more than momentary at best.

And at what cost?

All this and more in this week’s video blog.

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And The #1 Strategy for Beating Trichotillomania Is…

Glei and I want to thank those of you who responded to our recent invitation to pose your most burning questions about trichotillomania.  We really had an outpouring of interest in the opportunity.  This current article is going to address a question from one of our readers we think a lot of you probably share.

Woman with question about trichotillomania

Lots of people have questions about trichotillomania and don’t know where to turn.