I’ve Had Trichotillomania So Long – Is It Too Late for A Cure?

At the Trichotillomania Relief Specialists, we hear a lot of concern from folks about just how “curable” their case of trichotillomania may or may not be.

But it’s not always because of how much they pull, or how often.  Often, we find that the longer one has struggled with trichotillomania, the greater their concern – or outright pessimism – about even the possibility of a cure.

Picture of Aubrey (model, not actual client)

51-year-old Aubrey feared she might never find freedom from trichotillomania.

But is this pessimism justified?  Is it really true that the longer you’ve suffered with trichotillomania, the harder it must be – and the longer it must take – to resolve?

As you might imagine, we have our opinion.  Let’s talk.

Questions About Trichotillomania? You’ve Come to The Right Place.

After nearly 20 years in the trenches helping to resolve formerly “therapy resistant” forms of anxiety and related behavioral challenges, Glei and I know there are no shortage of questions and curiosities about trichotillomania.

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You’ve got questions? We have answers.

Lots of these questions come from parents or loved ones of trich sufferers. Naturally, many come from those struggling with trichotillomania themselves.

We like to offer you an opportunity to ask any question you’d like about trichotillomania. Is there something you’ve always been wondering about, but didn’t know how or where to ask?  

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So ask away! Let us know what kind of information would be of greatest value, comfort or support. We want to help.

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Trichotillomania And The Choice to “Choose Happy!”

We all know that compulsive hair pulling, also known as trichotillomania, brings with it more trouble and pain than any sufferer can adequately convey.  Even if one thinks they are getting something in the moment out of pulling or plucking hair, most if not all would agree that the cost and the pain are always much greater – and last much longer.

Trichotillomania Vs. "Choose Happy!"

When you “Choose Happy!”, you never know how far a change can go.

However, when someone finally learns to overcome this challenge, the gift of healing and recovery is truly transformative.  We here at the Trichotillomania Relief Specialists have been blessed to witness many such transformations.  The following recounts a moving example of just such story.