The “Trich Trance” – Just What Is That, Anyway?

The Trich Trance – Maybe you’ve heard of it. Maybe you have a loved one who seems to be “somewhere else” when he or she pulls – and when they’re done, they say they had no idea they were doing it.

The Trich Trance

The “Trich Trance” can be one of the most puzzling – and the most frustrating – aspects of trichotillomania to deal with.

But what exactly is the Trich Trance, anyway?  Is there really such a thing?  Is it really possible to pull out hair after hair after hair – something we all assume would hurt quite a bit – without even noticing it?

Let’s take a better look at this.

New Year’s Resolutions? 5 Simple Steps to Setting – And Achieving – Your Goals in 2015

Glei and I have a practice here at our home – something we do with our entire family early every January. Each of us revisits the personal and professional (or in the case of our kids, the academic) goals we’d set last year. We each then perform an honest assessment of how close we came to achieving those goals – and if not, what we might be able to do differently next time.

Goal Setting in 2015

Setting goals is one thing – doing it effectively is quite another.

Once we’ve looked back at the past year, we set about establishing our individual and collective outcomes for the New Year.

But we don’t just talk about it. As they say, talk is cheap. Instead, we perform several simple checks that, while simple indeed, act to turbocharge our opportunity for success. This article will teach you five simple steps to help get you there.