The 3 Biggest Mental Battles Every Trichotillomania Sufferer Faces

There are any number of reasons people resign themselves to merely surviving week after week, month after month, and year after year with trichotillomania.  For the most part, this is the result of a defeatist mindset, usually resulting from years of earlier attempts to conquer the problem without success.

Worried girl with trichotillomania

Our self-imposed barriers often present the biggest challenge in our efforts to beat trichotillomania.

About a month ago, we commenced our flagship 90-Day Distance Personal Breakthrough Coaching Program with 31-year-old Jessie.  Before starting with us, Jessie had been pulling her eyelashes for some 20 years.  Understandably, she did a lot of homework and asked a lot of questions before finally throwing caution to the wind, signing up for yet another “risky” attempt at a cure – one that she only hoped might actually work this time.

What Jessie didn’t understand coming into our work was that it wasn’t necessarily the lack of quality of her earlier programs that were responsible for her lack of results.  Instead, it was the defeatist mindset she had unwittingly groomed over the course of years leading up to those attempts.

Just How Balanced IS Your Life? Here’s How You Can Find Out.

Here at the TRS, we talk a lot – and we think justifiably so – about the value of balance in our lives.  Not only are those with truly balanced lifestyles far less likely to struggle with trichotillomania, they are less likely to struggle against mental and physical maladies of virtually any kind at all.

Balanced lifestyle diagram

Balance in life doesn’t just “happen” – it’s the result of commitment and effort.

It’s one thing to assume you either have – or don’t have – the balance your life needs and deserves.  It’s quite another to perform a directed, organized assessment of just how much balance you really enjoy – and if it’s lacking, where to place more of your attention in order to ensure the healthiest possible lifestyle.