Your Brand New School Year: Fortifying Yourself Against Trichotillomania

Here at the Trichotillomania Relief Specialists, we work with lots of teenagers and other young people, including college students.  Just about all of them experience their worst bouts of hair-pulling either during school, or afterwards, during long hours of studying, doing homework or preparing for a test.

Girl with trichotillomania studying hard.

Long hours of studying can be among the most troublesome for sufferers of trichotillomania.

Suffice it to say that school-related activities are a major source of stress for school-aged youngsters.  With a brand new school year looming on the horizon, what better time to share with you one of the best school-related stress management strategies we know?

Change Your Words, Change Your World

Ever run across one of those “super-positive” folks? They’re the ones who, when you ask how they’re doing, answer by saying “Amazing!”

A happy, positive thinker

The way you talk to yourself about your life experience shapes how you feel.

Are these people for real? Or do you suppose they’re just putting on a happy face for us?

The answer may surprise you.

The Courage to Step Out from Trichotillomania

Do you know anyone with college-aged youngsters?  Perhaps yourself?  Remember their earliest experiences living away from home for the first time?

Trichotillomania And The Courage to Step Out

Stepping out from the safety of the “known” often requires a leap of faith.

Faced with a new opportunity for personal growth and evolution, we all have a choice – either step up to the challenge, or turn tail and run back to the relatively safety – and stagnancy – of the old, the known and the familiar.

Don’t Want Your Trichotillomania Anymore? Maybe That’s Why You Still Have It.

“Whoa!”, you say.

“I’ve stuck with you, Robert and Glei, through just about every one of your blog posts and articles…  I’ve listened to everything you’ve had to say.  So much of what you say seems to fly in the face of conventional therapeutic wisdom.  Yet, despite that, I’ve remained open – maybe even at times found compelling – many of your ideas.

“This time, though, you’ve gone too far!”

Trichotillomania blog image

Just hold on right there!

Glei and I hear you – we absolutely do.  But bear with us while we explain this admittedly bizarre-sounding statement.