The “80-20 Rule”: The Key to A Quicker, Simpler Trichotillomania Solution

Through no fault of our own, many of us have created (or been given!) the impression that it has to take a lot of time, work and energy, even simply just to keep one’s trichotillomania symptoms at bay.

If you look close enough, you might discover how easy it can be curb your trichotillomania.

If you look close enough, you might discover how easy it can be to curb your trichotillomania.

With all due respect to those who think this way, we’ve found this isn’t necessarily the case at all.  In fact, if you know where to focus your energy, reducing or eliminating your trich symptoms altogether can be a lot more straightforward than most consider possible.

Who SAYS Long-Distance Relationships Can’t Be Great?

Convenient And Affordable Trichotillomania Relief – from The Comfort of Your Home Or Office

You may or may not be aware that the Trichotillomania Relief Specialists offer world class trichotillomania relief solutions that are affordable for most – and entirely free of the need to travel.


With programs both convenient and affordable, there’s never been a better opportunity to free yourself from trichotillomania.

Then… And Now

A significant percentage of those who are receiving this email now actually opted into this delivery list before early 2013.  This means many of you may still be under the impression we ONLY offer face-to-face work here in Southern California.

Of course, we do continue to offer face-to-face Accelerated Personal Breakthrough Coaching work for those who request it.  But in terms of both logistics and cost, by far our most popular and cost-effective service option has now become our 90-Day Distance Personal Breakthrough Coaching Program™.

As the name suggests, this Program is conducted entirely REMOTELY, from the comfort of your home or office, via Skype (if you own a PC) or Facetime (if you own a Mac or iOS device, such as an iPhone or iPad).  For most clients, our remote work can be every bit as effective as working with us face-to-face.

Our powerful Distance Personal Breakthrough Coaching Program is only HALF the cost of our face-to-face services.  Better still, we make available extended financing for those who would be unable to partake of our Program any other way.   No credit check is required, and no third party financial institutions of any kind are involved – just us, and your word that you will make payments according to our agreement.

No travel, and only half the cost of our original (face-to-face) Accelerated Personal Breakthrough Coaching Program.  With extended financing, if necessary.

What are you waiting for?

4 out of 5 of our clients find they are EASILY able to stop pulling after just their very first session with us.  Even better, 100% of our clients – there are no exceptions – discover a level of effortless control over their hair-pulling behavior they never knew they had before.  This they also discover during the course of their very first session with us.

Sound too good to be true?  Don’t take our word for it.  Check out these heartfelt testimonials from real clients who’d suffered with real serious cases of trichotillomania before meeting us – only to finally discover the relief they’d been dreaming of for so long.

Here are some additional comments from folks who’ve written to us recently:

Dear Robert and Glei,

I’ve been doing great – No, not great, FANTASTIC because I haven’t been pulling once.  Thanks so much for all your help!

— 12-year-old Caroline R. (pulling 4 years before meeting us)


 All is going very well!  Paris is 6 weeks pull-free and not picking her skin.

— Marina L, mother of 11-year-old Paris (pulling 2 years before starting work with us)


Hi, Robert and Glei!

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I haven’t pulled anything and haven’t really thought about it.  We are currently under tons of pressure, and I’m handling it really well…  Effortlessly.  You guys were right!  Thank  you for opening my eyes and brightening my life!  🙂

— 36-year-old Rosemarie W. (pulling for 25 years before meeting us)


Hello, Robert and Glei,

Doing fab… No pulling, just the feeling of the growth.

I have a lot of lashes!!!  I guess you could say I’m somewhat of a “Rock Star!”  lol…  It’s amazing to think I’ve come this far since November.  Another month, and I do believe I will be able to go out in public without false eyelashes and be OK with it!  That hasn’t happened since I was 11 years old.

Have a great day, and thank you!

— 51-year-old Lynn C. (pulling for 46 years [!] before meeting us – since she was 5 years old.)

If THEY can do it, YOU can do it.

These people are not bigger, better, stronger, faster or smarter than you are.  They just know how to stop pulling – because WE taught them.

Stop putting off your freedom…  Get started with us this week.

Break free from the prison of trichotillomania starting the day you begin your 90-Day Distance Personal Breakthrough Coaching Program with us.

Call us now for a free consultation:  Toll-free (866) LIFE-NOW.  Or to register for services right away, please visit our website at

Trichotillomania And The Truth about “Someday”

  • “Someday I’ll go on a diet…”
  • “Someday I’ll quit my job for a better one.”
  • “Someday things will get better.”
  • “Someday I’ll finally start working out.”
  • “Someday I’ll rid myself of this debt.”
  • “Someday I’ll finally make a serious effort to rid myself of trichotillomania.”

Sound familiar?  We’ve all said it – if not with regard to trichotillomania, certainly to other areas of our life.

This is us, thinking we have to wait for conditions to be “just right” before we can finally step out and take serious, committed action in pursuit of our dreams.

Nothing happens in life until you decide to take action.

Nothing happens in life until you decide to take action.

What’s the problem with this?  Well, you can almost certainly guess, but I would say there’s at least several major challenges with this kind of thinking.

And they affect you every single day of your life.

The Whys And Wherefores of Trichotillomania

Particularly at the beginning of our relationship here at the Trichotillomania Relief Specialists, we often hear our clients wonder aloud:

“I know I don’t WANT to be pulling anymore… I don’t understand… Why do I keep doing it??”


Most of us have no idea WHY we do what we do.

Here’s a piece of generally useful insight: There is always a reason why people do what they do.

4 Reasons It’s Possible to Free Yourself from Trichotillomania Quickly And Easily

It pains Glei and me to read so much of the misinformation commonly propagated on the internet about trichotillomania.  This includes proclamations about what trichotillomania is, what can (or more often, cannot!) be done about it, and what has to happen in order to have any hope at all of resolving the problem – months or years of therapy, books, journaling, snapping rubber bands, putting grease on your fingertips, wearing headbands, etc.


The sheer volume of negative information about trichotillomania can be overwhelming.

Ugh…  The “doom and gloom” seems to go on forever!

It’s as though the medical and mental health professions have conspired with trich-burdened bloggers to drain the hope out of those who dream of a real, lasting and straightforward solution to the challenge of trichotillomania.

But Glei and I will be happy to be the exception. We’ll be the ones to stick our necks out with an alternative – dare I say, even positive? – point of view.

Trichotillomania Treatment And Response-Ability: Why Excuses Never Work

Late last year, we received a call from a mother whose college-aged daughter had been struggling with trichotillomania since age 8.  Over the 13 years since, this young lady (whom we’ll call Jennifer) had tried pretty much all the standard forms of trichotillomania treatment – medication, CBT, the “barriers” (the hats, scarves, the gloves, etc.) – all to no avail.

For many of us, it's just too easy to blame others for why our life isn't working.

For many of us, it’s just too easy to blame others for why our life isn’t working. 

This didn’t particularly concern us, however, as these are the kinds of trichotillomania clients we tend to work with all the time.