The Mythology of Trichotillomania

Do you REALLY want to be free of #trichotillomania?

Then you have to find some way to dispense with the idea that pulling actually does anything positive for you. In fact, if there were a single greatest barrier that stops a person from relatively easily letting go of this problem, it’s the belief – conscious or unconscious – that by doing so, you’re giving something up.

The truth is, by committing to do whatever it takes to eliminate #trich-related behaviors from your life once and for all, far from giving something up, you’re actually giving yourself the greatest gift possible.

Pillars, Pt. V – Managing Trichotillomania by Nurturing A Balanced Lifestyle

Welcome to the final installment in our five-part series, “The Five Pillars of Trichotillomania Freedom”.

My wife Glei and I have been assisting clients to overcome trichotillomania and other Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BRFBs) for a very long time. Yet even after all these years, we still find ourselves fascinated by what most might consider to be an inexplicable dichotomy. I’m making reference to the two major contexts where hair-pulling (etc.) is mostly likely to occur.

Balance is the key to a trichotillomania-free lifestyle.

Balance is the key to a symptom-free lifestyle.

PIllars, Pt. IV: Neurological Repatterning – Changing Your Mind About Trichotillomania

Lots of times, we get stuck in patterns of thinking – What we should or should not do, what’s probably going to happen when we arrive at our destination, what to expect when we get to work, what our routines are are probably going to be like each Saturday – and how much hair we’re probably going to have pulled out by the time we’re done with our homework tonight.  In a sense, we’ve kind of “programmed” ourselves for how to think, feel and respond in a variety of circumstances.

But you know what’s interesting?  If you change your mind, you can literally change your life.

Change Your Mind, And All of A Sudden, The Impossible Becomes The Possible.

Change your mind, and all of a sudden, the impossible becomes possible.

“Is it truly “uncontrollable” urges that keep you pulling? Or could it really be your fear of living life without pulling to lean on as a coping mechanism when you’re feeling stressed, bored or having difficulty focusing? #trichotillomania #trich”
May 15, 2014

Pillars, Pt. III: Emotional Healing & Freedom from Trichotillomania

Here we go with another installment in our series entitled “The Five Pillars of Trichotillomania Freedom”.

In our first article, we talked about the importance of the first Pillar: the value of a true commitment to attaining ANY goal – doesn’t really matter much what the goal itself is.

The second Pillar centers around our beliefs – because what we believe to be true usually shows up as real in our world.  Change your beliefs, and you literally change your world.

The third Pillar is:

EMOTIONAL HEALING – Cutting Ties to An Emotionally Painful Past

Here at the TRS, we’ve had the privilege of guiding hundreds of clients over the years to quick, often near struggle-free independence from trichotillomania.  It turns out more than a few clients started pulling their hair at a young age, usually right around the time when there was a great deal of stress going on in their lives.

Emotional Freedom Can Sometimes Be As Simple As Turning The Key to A Lock.

Emotional Freedom Can Sometimes Be As Simple As Turning The Key to A Lock.