Part I: Commitment in Action – The Inspiring Story of Katie

On December 31 – just barely a month ago now – Glei and I received a note from a young lady named Katie.  As you’ll see, Katie has been battling trichotillomania since 4th grade.  Now at the beginning of a brand new year, she tells us she’s made some powerful decisions about what she is going to allow – and absolutely DISallow from her life going forward.  Here’s her moving story.

With A Good Enough Reason to Change, Anything Is Possible.

With A Good Enough Reason to Change, Anything Is Possible.

What’s Your Story?

A friend recently shared with Glei and I a story that we believe illustrates a powerful truth. We’d like to share it with you here.

Nothing Gets Written Without Your Writing It.

Nothing Gets Written Without Your Writing It.


The Two Brothers

This is a tale of two brothers. One was a drug addict and a drunkard who frequently beat up his family. The other one was a very successful businessman who was respected in society and had a wonderful family. Some people wanted to find out why two brothers from the same parents, brought up in the same environment, could be so different.

Will My Hair Grow Back After Trichotillomania?

One of the biggest concerns voiced by our clients here at the Trichotillomania Relief Specialists is the question of whether their hair will grow back once they find a way to stop pulling. Glei and I are not doctors, but we get this question so often, we decided to share with you a distillation of what we’ve learned about this over the years.


“Will my hair ever be the same?”

Does Hair Grow Back After Trichotillomania?

In short, it can – but the first thing that has to change in order to have even a CHANCE is you have to find a way to stop pulling.

Who Are You – Really? Do You = Trichotillomania?

Earlier this week, we posted a moving video at our Facebook community page. This video featured a 24-year-old young woman named Lizzie Velasquez describing her struggle to discover a positive identity in the face of an extremely rare disfiguring genetic malady.

Just “Who” Are You – Really?

This is not always an easy question to answer. In fact, for most, it’s quite difficult. This is probably because individuals usually have no conscious idea WHO they think they are. Why? Because the truest answer lies not in the realm of conscious thought, but instead at the level of one’s subconscious mind.

Trichotillomania And The Secret of True Self-Confidence

You know, one of the most common questions Glei and I are asked by our clients here at the Trichotillomania Relief Specialists is how to create a sense of genuine, deep rooted self-confidence.

Confidence - Where to Find It?

Confidence – Where to Find It?

The Unseen Poison of Trichotillomania

One thing is for sure – If there’s anything that suffers tremendously as a result of an ongoing problem with trichotillomania, it’s our sense of SELF… our very sense of who we are and what we’re worth as human beings. Trichotillomania can be a very difficult problem, and part of the unseen poison of trichotillomania are the side affects to our mental state.

Trichotillomania: What to Do About Those Pesky Urges

Regularly troubled by the seemingly irresistible urge to pull your hair? Trichotillomania is difficult to live with, but there are things you can do to help manage – and many times totally neutralize – your urges to pull.

Those pesky urges!

Those pesky urges!

Remember, the urge to pull tends to happen when you’ve been entrenched in too much of something for too long. It could be anything – work or leisure.  That explains why people tend to experience the urge to pull in seemingly completely opposite contexts – both during periods of stress, pressure or overwhelm, as well as times when they’re just watching TV, reading a book or poring over the latest Facebook posts.

Extremes of any kind don’t work!  Fortunately, our brains come with a built-in alarm system to let us know when we’ve been doing something for too long without a break.  Up until now, you’ve been experiencing that alarm as the urge to pull.

Remember, that urge to pull your brain is not asking you to pull at times like that. The only reason you think it is is because you’ve paired the two activities for so long.

Instead, what is DOES want is a change in your state.  

Your brain wants you to get up and do something different… ANYTHING different. Even something so simple as jumping up and down as high as you can for a minute straight will do the trick!  It’s a way of quickly hitting the “reset button” on your physical, psychological and resulting emotional state.

Once you begin recognizing this unmistakable signal for what it really is – and you then consciously respond to it by giving your brain what it actually wants (which is almost always going to be for you to take a break) – you’ll begin to discover how much easier it can be to manage, minimize or even altogether eliminate those pesky urges to pull once and for all.

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How often have you struggled against seemingly irresistible urges to pull? Now that you’ve read this article, what ideas come to mind for what you can start doing differently at times like that?

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